custom electronics

There is no such thing as “too big a challenge” for us when it comes to turning your ideas into circuit boards and firmware.

Every day new customers knock at our doors, with the most peculiar ideas for innovative products. They ask us to understand their product’s philosophy and they need electronics that can match it.
We do preliminary market and patent search for them, or simply proceed to evaluate feasibility and possible implementations and costs. Then we start with the design process.

We rarely deliver to our customers just a pile of papers, we’d rather give them real working prototypes, so that they can test our designs on the field and eventually refine the details.

When it comes to industrialisation and production (either in-house or out-sourced) we are very efficient, especially when we deal with our own designs. This means more money saved by our customers, which in turn means better chances for the products to make it through the market’s challenges!

We can also provide customer support service for them regarding the electronics we designed to be fitted inside their products.

designed for you
Embedding in the custom electronic design, all the features you need in your products.
Control panel with LCD and printer.
3 phase isolation surveyor.
Trucks shock absorbers controller.
Designer at work.
Firmware design.
SMd components placing machines.