automotive division

We were the first company to design a complete bus system for motorhomes over 20 years ago.

We brought the same technology to ambulances. At present day we have delivered electronics for over 50.000 vehicles, including motorhomes, caravans, ambulances and other special vehicles.

The flexibility of our bus systems, allows to fulfil all the specs required for that individual unit, without changing dramatically the wiring layout in the assembly chain from one unit to another.

We can reprogram every single button in a control panel or change a light colour according to the customer’s need, without modification to the hardware. With our technology vehicles can host several control panels, many actuation and acquisitions units, power managing units, battery chargers and special sensors.

We are often asked to design new intelligent nodes to attach to our bus.Production units are thoroughly tested before delivery. Our customer service unit is able to help the installer to design his vehicle, and assist it for many years, till the product’s end of life.

Some of our power distribution units
Some power supplies and battery chargers.
A simple buttons and leds panel .
Flat touch panel and reprogrammable color.
A large grey display with buttons and leds.
Very large control panel with touch screen.