Replaced centralina AL310X

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Re: Replaced centralina AL310X

Messaggio da SimoneR » 13/06/2020, 15:29

The address is:
Via Sardegna 11
53036 Poggibonsi (si).

Reparation time is about 3 week.
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Re: Replaced centralina AL310X

Messaggio da Dmytri » 29/06/2020, 6:53

It is repaired independently. I had to remember my childhood and work as a soldering iron. Having examined the board, I noticed that it has traces of acid flux at the installation site of the linear power stabilizer, which is determined by the datasheet. Measurement of the voltage at the input and output showed that it is not there. And there was not him at the entrance. After trying to replace the MC78L05ABDR2G chip, the voltage did not appear. It was decided to supply a 12-5V converter.
The board was mounted on top and connected to the electrolytic capacitor, the capacitor standing at the output of the faulty stabilizer. As a result, everything began to work in normal mode. Perhaps due to poor flushing of the board after soldering, this problem arose. In places where acidic flux remained, green varnish was destroyed and the copper paths of the board were possibly damaged.