service battery charging not switching on/off

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Modello Camper: Ford Rimor 2011

service battery charging not switching on/off

Messaggio da opreclik » 14/04/2023, 9:43

I have ford rimor 2011 and since I was doing something with the power hub I have problem that the system doesn't react to the engine. It properly shows that the engine is running, but it doesn't switch charging on/off (it means "parallel battery" and the relay if I understand well).

However when I disconnect power from the power hub, or the bus and then connect it again, then everything is initialized properly, but it stays in that state forever.

It means it can charge, it can disconnect it, but the reaction to engine is not working.

I tried to disconnect all the batteries but I didn't find an easy way how to disconnect the engine battery from the power link.

Also I have IT Istruzioni Rimor TTK dal 2008 v.3.0.pdf, is there an english version?

thanks for any help
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Re: service battery charging not switching on/off

Messaggio da SimoneR » 14/04/2023, 22:05

Hello. Please send me an email a photo of your PowerHub at and we send the English manual.