Centralina Custom LCD panel problem

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Modello Camper: Rimor Sailer 748

Centralina Custom LCD panel problem

Messaggio da mkitchen » 08/02/2018, 17:05

Hi, I have a problem with the Centralina Custom LCD panel on my 2003 Rimor Sailer 748. The four buttons below the LCD screen all function normally (on/off, Lights, Pump, and Error check) and the OK button in the middle of the five buttons to the right of the LCD panel also works. However, the up, down, left, right buttons that are used to navigate the menus on the screen are not working. The unit is stuck on Water Pump so I can't check or monitor any of the other systems (Battery, water tanks etc). Can the panel be repaired or replaced and if so, what is the cost please? I would need a replacement to be delivered to the UK. Thanks in advance for your help.
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Re: Centralina Custom LCD panel problem

Messaggio da SimoneR » 10/02/2018, 7:10

To solve the problem you must change all LCD control panel.