ArSilicii al310x

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ArSilicii al310x

Messaggio da element1 » 02/02/2021, 8:43

Good morning,

I have the following question: I use an ArSilicii AL310X charger. I would like to convert to LiFePo4 batteries and therefore install a charge booster that supplies the battery with a suitable charging voltage while driving. I have decided on the Votronic 1212-30 charge booster. According to their website, you can keep the previously installed charger/distributor (AL310X). I would connect the device as shown in the wiring diagram. Is this correct and does it work with the AL310X? I am very happy about any help!

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Re: ArSilicii al310x

Messaggio da SimoneR » 02/02/2021, 23:25

Hello. Your system is not compatible with lithium battery. To install lithium battery you must install a new system. We suggest to see on to see our lithium system. For other info please write an email at