Information about Battery charger BC-520

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Information about Battery charger BC-520

Messaggio da Mike » 09/01/2021, 10:48

Dear Sir / Madam,

I own a motorhome with a built-in BC-520 battery charger from your company.

I found this note in the operating instructions:

With the help of the PC software and the dongle (not included), it is possible to define a custom charging cycle by following the battery manufacturer's specifications and setting the
voltage thresholds and the timing of the charging process.

I want to convert the vehicle to a LiFEPO4 battery and would like to continue using the charger.
I would like to change the AGM standard voltages and fort hat i would know what PC software and dongle are in the description is used and where I can purchase them?

Can you help me further?

Best regards
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Re: Information about Battery charger BC-520

Messaggio da SimoneR » 25/01/2021, 18:57

Hello. On you can see our lithium system. For other information we suggest to write an email at